Oh, give me a fighting chance
Discriminate me indiscriminately
Worship me cautiously
And drop me when you
Realize I’m as ruthless as you
Support me blindly, don’t
Let go I can’t stand on my own.
Give me a fighting chance
At least
Love me for a monster
If you must
For the mere sake of addiction, princess
Love me for your own sake of selfishsupport
Tell me that you love me
Love me for a
At least I’m not the one lying
You can love me if only for the
Fact we are all lonely, and
No one knows how to deal with lonely
Just love me

Alienation and Best Intentions

Could you just
Bite me with alienation and
Hit me in best intentions
Brand us both with marks
Of mother’s Christmas gifts,
What the hell would you be doing
With them (us) otherwise?
If not for the painkillers
We’d be wakened in
The midst of lovely nights
If not for Valium and marks of love
We’d be gone for good

What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting


The moon to drop

To your feet and

Beg for your forgiveness for

Not finding the right love of your life

Just yet?

Did you ever think

The moon did that so

The real one would be

That much more of a relief?

Sweetheart, what are you waiting for?

Bells to ring

When you enter a room

So everyone can marvel at how


You are?

I’m quite sure those that know

Would like to keep

The secret amongst themselves.

Darling, what do you want to wait for?

Rain? Sun? The earth to spin back

To fix everything you’ve undone?

My, would that be wonderful.

Because you’re the whole bullet,

Powder, and gun.

So is there anything to wait for?

Because in this odd way I think we’ve already won.

Ha, You’re Sad

Happiness is
Just your good
Punishment in disguise
Yep, I’m your ugly
Karma right now
Aren’t I?
I’m probably right how
Many times have you
Been so uncomprehendingly happy, been
In love or had a new job or had money,
And nobody knew what
To even do with being happy?
So everybody just lost everything because
They couldn’t get their bearings in time?
People just don’t know what
To do with 
That’s why there are starter marriages
And credit card maxes
And psychiatric wards
Been there
Be there
So people if you know
What’s good for
You stop being happy
It’s killing the rest of us
I’m personally on my way out
Be miserable if you have to
Keeping it clean and submitting
To your queen
Whatever he was meaning

You And Your Dumb Fate

You just try to always
Take it as dumb
Fate when our
Song doesn’t play
But if we were held
Together by words as such
We’d have been done
Long before now
That’s why music came before words and you,
You’re the loud first
Beat of the kick drum
And I your faithful second
I know you long to be the violins, dear
The ones everyone comes to hear
I don’t think I’d
Have come to heard
A violin, so soft
Wrong word, so constant
You change and stay the same all at once
And we both do
You and I will always be
The back-and-forth beat
And the crashing last keys
And love
I'm still wondering if any of it should mean a  thing

Record This #6

Well, see dear it’s

Not quite all that simple

I’m afraid all this

Holding back and

Letting go


We hurt each other

We may very well hate each other

For awhile

But we’re unfortunately not in a good state to get rid of one another

So we hold back, we do

It’s all we do

All we ever did

Why we never were in the first place

If we ever were

Cracks In My Rooftop

The day you
Left my dear, a
Crack split in
The rooftop and
I just watched it rain
Until you came home
I thought it would know
If you’re not the one
Then why do our hands
Fit perfectly
Together this way
So what do you have to say?
When you came back the sun was shining,
Your old flowers had all drowned anyway
When you say you’re dreaming of yourself
Lying on my rooftop
You stop and smile like
That’s not actually as far as you got
Just keep it to yourself and blush
Like this can’t really be falling in love
You were young; you were just a girl
With a teardrop
Tattoo underneath
One eye
Who broke all her promises and
Stopped all of traffic just to say hi
Her brother was a nice man
He took my hand and he whispered
“Be nice to her-
I don’t know if she’s
One of the good girls”
We’ll all just sit idly by and
Wait for this story to unfurl
And it was midnight in
Summer I was only
Trying to recover
Because I loved her
Her black sails and her red nails disappearing in the sea
Did you ever see?
Such stupid things
As you and me?
Did you ever see the sails before they disappeared into the sea?

The Goddess

Because you say "Oh, God,"
When I'm the one praying
And why won't you dance with me?
In the street with the violins
And you know it would just please me
Every time when you leave in the morning
And I feel all painful and sore
And I feel all the slams of the doors
I know it’s too much to ask for more.
It's too much to ask for more.
Love, so why won’t you dance with me?
And you sing to all the little boys and girls
But you never sang to me
On my heartstrings you play
Every note that you fucking please
It's too much to ask for more
And yet I keep
Opening up that goddamn door.

Sick of Watching Pain

Even as old as I am
Entailing all the years left 
In my sentence
I'm sick of watching Pain
Written by the people
For the people 
On a loop 
Because I swear the angels that
Save also cause migraines
And every other side effect war wound 
We seem to suffer from
See, being alive is just as common a
Disease as
The plague