What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting


The moon to drop

To your feet and

Beg for your forgiveness for

Not finding the right love of your life

Just yet?

Did you ever think

The moon did that so

The real one would be

That much more of a relief?

Sweetheart, what are you waiting for?

Bells to ring

When you enter a room

So everyone can marvel at how


You are?

I’m quite sure those that know

Would like to keep

The secret amongst themselves.

Darling, what do you want to wait for?

Rain? Sun? The earth to spin back

To fix everything you’ve undone?

My, would that be wonderful.

Because you’re the whole bullet,

Powder, and gun.

So is there anything to wait for?

Because in this odd way I think we’ve already won.


You And Your Dumb Fate

You just try to always
Take it as dumb
Fate when our
Song doesn’t play
But if we were held
Together by words as such
We’d have been done
Long before now
That’s why music came before words and you,
You’re the loud first
Beat of the kick drum
And I your faithful second
I know you long to be the violins, dear
The ones everyone comes to hear
I don’t think I’d
Have come to heard
A violin, so soft
Wrong word, so constant
You change and stay the same all at once
And we both do
You and I will always be
The back-and-forth beat
And the crashing last keys
And love
I'm still wondering if any of it should mean a  thing

Torture and Fate

But when you laugh to

Cover up the screams

You realize what you’ve done is wrong-

This ain’t no way to treat the queen and

All you finally feel the burn in your lungs,

The acid on their tongues

My inner sense of clarity and maybe some dignity

And I think I could find you

Just a few more seconds,

This torture feels like fate.

I could tell you you’re worth loving, dear

I could lie that I’ll defend you when they all near

But, I mean-

You never even tried

I’m only asking why should I?

It’s not that scary; stop your crying

You and that crying, it’s every night-

Every night I find you and you belong again to me.

Every night I hear your heartbeat and

Pretend you’re such a real thing.

The thoughts are so daunting and I’m so amazed

This is a haunting truth and my twisted form of fate

But the losers’ attitudes are great.

Everyone’s losing hope

But the hope comes a bit too late.

This torture feels like fate.

Keeping The Peace & All That Means

They’re always bitching about
Keeping the peace
Whatever that means
Like we’re supposed to close our
And hold 
In the dark
And Romeo
In our matching black and white
We don’t want to be those martyrs
Those surrenders, defenders, horrenders, 
Because that’s farther and farther from 
The real thing
Than you’ve really ever seen
Oh Romeo
They’re always bitching about
Keeping the peace
I don’t think
They really know

All that means