Coffee-Acid + Halloween

I can smell the girl next to me’s coffee-acid and it’s totally killing me. She’s drinking acid because it’s Halloween, naturally.

This makes sense.





I remind you because I remember fondly the first time I was tipped at work- he was a total stoner, and it was only $5, but he told me (I quote), “Thanks, girl, for not letting me chop off all my fingers.”

My friends think I made him up. I don’t believe one can make up people like him.

I should mention I work in a kitchen.


My APUSH teach just called one of the girls on his girls’ tennis team a bitch.

And I almost beat up my lab partner yesterday and my geo teach told her to move before I killed her.

I’m thankful this Thanksgiving to be in a school environment where my superiors understand me.






10 October 2014

André said, “As soon as I finish my beer, we should head over to my place.”

Outcast asked, “Is it tidy? It looks really nice when all the garbage is off the floor.”

André said, “I had people over last night, so it’s a bit messy, but not too bad. Mariah and Joy were over. We had a great time. One of my friends is really shy. As soon as Joy found that out she threw herself all over the guy. He didn’t know what to do.

Mariah said, “I talked to Joy this morning at 10:00. She said she’d just woken up and had a horrible hangover, so she won’t be coming here today.”

Curt asked, “How is Joy, anyway?”

André said, “She’s complaining about a sore tendon in her leg. You can actually see it. It’s like a chicken foot, you pull on…

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My only two good pics from the Airborne Toxic Event concert on Wednesday. The venue’s are getting so crowded now, security actually suggested I wait until the band moves to a different venue before I come see them again. I got elbowed in the face and my nose started bleeding.

I see their point. Or maybe I should just be a foot taller.