Dumbass Move

I thought it was really brilliant to schedule three doctor’s appointments in one day, plus my school orientation tonight.

Oh, and look out for an ALS ice bucket vid tonight!


Vengeful Chemistry

I’ve never been so big on the ‘respect your elders’ business going on. I understand it vaguely, but I’m more of a ‘respect people in general’ kind of gal. If people are supposedly all created the same, which to some people is still highly debatable, then practice what you preach, already.

This ties in with a recent age-ism issue I have had with my Chemistry teacher. He has in general been a very nice man up until now- Indian man, very smart, very quiet unless hes’ teaching- but the problem we had over a certain absence I had was unacceptable.

First,, all my absences in school are for doctor’s or hospital visits. I never miss school just to ditch. So my absence was excused, and by school policy and my IEP policy, I was entitled to be given all the information learned in class that day and adequate time to make up all assignments completed in class that day, as epr I don’t just ditch, I’m actually busy throughout the day and cannot sit down and follow throughout the day.

So, this was obviously not clear to Mr. Buttface. They did a lab on some metal identifying crap and I VERY CLEARLY got the notes from other students in the class, making my case known, and I wrote up the lab and turned it in on time like everyone else anyway. No accommodation necessary.

Buttface gave me a zero because I was recorded as absent when he looked at the attendance record three weeks later, so he assumed I hadn’t done the lab, and he lost my report as well. And he wouldn’t take no for an answer, even from witnesses.

I walked right out of class before the bell even rang, went right down to attendance, and asked for the attendance record for his class for that date that I was missing. It was an excused absence, so obviously I should’ve had adequate time. By the time I got back up there, the bell had already rung, so I left it on his door and left it alone.

I went home that night and e-mailed Buttface a) the report with the last modified date that fit the time frame of when it was due, b) the original e-mail that I sent proving I did send in the report in the first place, and c) a digital copy of my IEP notes for the 2013-2014 school year with a little highlighted part that say I have to be given adequate time to make up missed assignments.

He hasn’t spoken to me since. I think I pissed him off because I showed him up. But I got the grade back.

Untold Love Affairs In Mr. K’s Class…….

My face Patrick

It was quite interesting today. See, a guy in my Creative Writing class (run by the aforementioned Mr. K) was talking to me in class and he just casually slipped into his train of sentence that I looked pretty today.

Awww……why can’t I have these things recorded? Now Mr. K’s mad at me because I’m not supposed to be flirting with the help. He actually came up to me at the beginning of the year and told me repeatedly that I was not allowed to become romantically involved with anyone in his class for purely his sake. Our previous year together we all shared the class with my ex and I and, well….West Side Story kind of happened. Yikes.

So, to present matters, Current Cute Boy also put the word ‘menagerie’ into a sentence, and I am a firm believer from now on that if such can be done then he needs to be rewarded.

I better ask him what he wants as prize 😉