I leave tomorrow for treatment. My appointment is @ 2:30, my train from DC @ 10. It’s becoming an issue deciding what to pack, and what can wait until next week. It’s not like I can never come back; I come home Friday night. I’m just overly positive about being extremely bored for 6 weeks.

Who wants me to knit them a shitty sweater?



From Philly, Part 2

Tomorrow at the ass-crack of dawn I have eight hours of neuro-psych tearing as a baseline before my treatment. FML

In other news, the Oxford Dictionary word of the year is VAPING- the closest 2nd was BÆ. Consequently the majority of the educated world feels as if


Sidebar- I saw a commercial for the toy I want to get my math teacher/ his son for Christmas.

You have five Chances to guess his name.

I’ve solved almost all my problems for today.


Thursday, I dragged my ass all the way to Philly to talk to the radiation ppl up at CHOP- Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. Moreover, the teaching hospital of UPenn.

I’m going up for treatment beginning the 1st of December, and if the schedule holds up, then I can return the third week of January. Unfortunately, I have to be there 5 days a week, for only an hour a day. We’re just now grasping how inconvenient and expensive this shit is.

So, the hotels around immediate campus accommodate patients by lowering rates for 30+ day stays. Not looking forward to it, but my teachers seem like they’re gonna help me out with my work (I have to sign up for a home bound program, and get my work through email or the literal mail). And Kathleen, God love her, is coming to stay with my sister for six weeks.

And I feel like a douchebag doing this, but we’re actually going broke doing this. My dad isn’t doing anything to help. So we set up a GoFundMe account to try and help with bills, etc. (my mom’s on unpaid FMLA). Any help would be so wonderful.