So much can be learned from a few simple words

“I will marry when I want. My mother can’t force me to marry. My father cannot force me to marry. My uncle, my aunt, my brother or sister, cannot force me to marry. No one in the world can force me to marry. I’ll marry when I want. Even if you beat me, even if […]


One thought on “So much can be learned from a few simple words

  1. I understand what you are trying to point out in Eileen’s poem and that it is upsetting. Memory choose to read this poem to the audience because she wanted the audience to understand the extreme violence that young girls and women from her community face when they do not abide by the cultural traditions of the community. Memory describes in her Ted Talk that Eileen’s poem is a young girl’s cry for help and freedom. Where Memory is from young girls are expected to become brides when they hit puberty. Many of these girls are forced by their families to get married before they turn 18 because the marriage is seen as a way out of poverty. Girls are also forced to marry before they reach adulthood because there are no laws that protect the girls from being forced into marriage. Eileen’s poem is what inspired Memory to fight for gender equality in her community because she believed that it was wrong for young girls to become brides before they reached adulthood. She believed that the young girls in her community need to be in school and to have basic human rights and she fought for her belief until the leaders in her community recognized her. Once the leaders recognized what she was fighting for they took action to enforce a law that protected young girls in her community from being forced to marry.
    I choose to write about Memory’s Ted Talk because I want to help bring the awareness to the issue of child marriage. I do not believe that young girls should be forced to marry once they hit puberty. I believe that all girls and women in the world should have the right to make their own decisions and should not be forced into doing something that they do not want to do. I also believe that girls or women do not deserve to be beaten or suffer from extreme violence and that every country in the world should have a law that protects women from any kind of violent abuse.
    Eileen’s poem is to teach the world that women do not deserve to live a life where have to endure abuse and that gender equality should be the norm in every country. “I will marry when I want” every women in the world deserves the right to say that and when she says that she should not experience any abuse. Those few simple words should be a reminder to the people in the world who are lucky enough to have basic human rights need to stand up and fight for the people who do not have any basic human rights. ALL WOMEN DESERVE TO BE PROTECTED FROM VIOLENCE!
    I encourage you to watch Memory’s Ted Talk because then you will get a full understanding on why she choose to read that particular poem to the audience.

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