i’m the tide at its 

highest; i’m the lightning as

it lights the whole sky.


Miley Cyrus 1/30/14


This woman is my spirit animal. I mean, I know a lot of people judge her, but she is, in a lot of ways, wicked smart. Like, has anybody gone a week yet without talking about her?

How Cute, You Think It’ll Help

Well, if you have a problem with my surrounding
Rebuild it yourself, frankly
It’s really not that important to me
I mean-
I was never fond of it anyway.
Make it look like no one lives here, please
Or thinks here
That’s not hard
No one lives upstairs anyways
Because now we're just a maze of empty bedrooms 
And dingy kitchen corners where 
We name the spiders sometimes.
Clean it out if you that’s
All you really please
You think you’ll get something better out of me
We’re just rusted-shut slit-in-the-cellar
Windows where the world seems kind of nice
But going out and
Chancing it is
A shake too many of heavy-weighted and faded dice