What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting


The moon to drop

To your feet and

Beg for your forgiveness for

Not finding the right love of your life

Just yet?

Did you ever think

The moon did that so

The real one would be

That much more of a relief?

Sweetheart, what are you waiting for?

Bells to ring

When you enter a room

So everyone can marvel at how


You are?

I’m quite sure those that know

Would like to keep

The secret amongst themselves.

Darling, what do you want to wait for?

Rain? Sun? The earth to spin back

To fix everything you’ve undone?

My, would that be wonderful.

Because you’re the whole bullet,

Powder, and gun.

So is there anything to wait for?

Because in this odd way I think we’ve already won.


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