Oh Gosh

Oh My Gosh
Atrophied hearts
Tell me something I don’t know.
Chapped lips stutter white lies and
Grey smiles keep blank promises as always
As always as always as always
Oh gosh, it was always you
This just isn’t my type of thing anymore
I’m not one of those…..what are they called
I guess we should leave before we
Regret everything


Record This #6

Well, see dear it’s

Not quite all that simple

I’m afraid all this

Holding back and

Letting go


We hurt each other

We may very well hate each other

For awhile

But we’re unfortunately not in a good state to get rid of one another

So we hold back, we do

It’s all we do

All we ever did

Why we never were in the first place

If we ever were

Strangers On A Train

We’ve just always been those kinda strangers
Meeting on trains and
What doesn’t kill us we
Whine about it later
Nothing can convince you
To break down and be mine
So the ten-dollar question, love
How many knives
Do you have to drive through my heart
To tear us farther apart
Just walk away from me like normal people bleed
They say it comes rather naturally 
Love, I just
Know that’s not

How To Tease

Call it a
Decision on
The phone but
I’m really just asking you to
Get over here
Whichever gets you here faster
But you could just flip a coin
To see if you come or not
Whichever makes
Up your mind
Just know what I’d do 
To get you over here
……..Yeah, that
I could make another
Dumb excuse but
By now you want
To come it’s been
A few hours a
Few conversations a
Few texts a
Picture. Come.
Never mind. 
Phase over.


What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

And if it’s not your grandfather dying just because everybody else cried at the funeral I’m not going to be the one to judge, I swear, but think about something you regret. That’s all I can think about right now. And it’s a really long story for being so young, I’m pretty horrified with myself.