Record This #2

I was told Love
Is all a really big lie
We have to go through
Single file
From my experience it’s heat between bodies
And sped-up heartbeats
Losing your words but not really needing to find them
Love was suddenly this is a good year
Warm hands everywhere
On hands and hips and worse
I get the feeling it gets worse when you get older
Older and wiser
Or more cynical and you stop seeing Love is all
I was told Love
Is all a really big lie
Well, I’ve been told a million others
I don’t listen to one

If Anyone Ever Was

Things were always hot and
Something felt like fire, burned
Well, we tried jumping out
The windows like the teachers always said but
Daddy kept on saying, "Oh, no, now."
Kids, just sit down now.
I didn’t know what else, but I
Sat and we sat and
That was it, I guess
It was always us
In that burning
Building always,
Constantly asking ourselves
Where all the other kids were
If they ever were

Quite Overwhelmed By Adorable

Prepare to be overwhelmed by feels.

So, I had to go through I-fucking-KEA all day with my mother picking out a new couch for the house, with a monster migraine, and my balance was off by a 300% increase for an I don’t wanna know what reason, so I think I ran into EVERYTHING in store twice, while she picked out a couch that I don’t even know what color it was because it wasn’t a primary color. It bothers me.

Point being-

I was checking out and the cutest twins I have possibly ever seen in my life (and I’ve seen a few) were behind me, just talking to each other in total tongues, it was the cutest thing. I waved to them and they back and it was so cute, oh my gosh.

So, we were walking out, like, five minutes later, and I was almost crying my head hurt so bad, when the mom and those twins come past us again when I turn around, and they both wave at me and scream, “BYE!!”‘

Don’t cry. 😀

“I Don’t Know How To Be Anything But A Patient”

“I Don’t Know How To Be Anything But A Patient”

I really share her sentiments in a lot of places, not even knowing really where she’s coming from. But that same scare that cancer can kinda happen to anyone, at anytime, and there’s kinda not shit we can do to really prevent it. And once you know it’s terrible, you start doing everything in your effing power to save the whole world from its terriblity (that’s a word :D) ‘cuz it sucks. The author said that she’d rather go through cancer treatment 100 more times than watch someone she love do it, and I cannot agree more. That’s been my exact sentiment all my life. I mean, now that I know what it’s like, I’m fine with doing it again almost just because I know I can, but watching someone else would drive me absolutely batshit.