Our school’s doing this production of “The Producers” starting tomorrow, and I’m going to opening night with Kathleen. This really cute guy in my health class is in the play. However, and not to play of stereotypes but I feel I should put this into account, he does have a lead in a play so whether he’s totally interested in girls or my shoes may be questionable.

Just thought I’d let everyone know how my day went. Oh, and Kathleen’s friend got a Groupon for me to get a photography session, so we did that today, and they turned out pretty cute. I dressed up like an angel, because I can’t look sweet to save my life.

Adventures In Handiwork…….

So, one of Kathleen’s brothers, who also happens to be my good friend’s dad and I’ve known for a very long time, is what should really be known as a redneck handyman.

Redneck handyman. Just think about what this entails.

Eileen's House

Exhibit A: The Door. Kathleen’s brother is a construction worker, and this was a temporary door made at one of the building sites. If you look closely, although this may not be easily seen, that door is in fact made out of poster board. Meaning, science-fair poster board. As well, the hinges are constructed of painter’s tape, and it is clearly marked ,”DOOR”. Something is not right here. Nope.

Shawn's Door

Exhibit B: The House. Kathleen and Shawn’s mother, Eileen, had a rat problem. This is natural. His response is not natural. Although I do not have a picture of one instance, he did on one occasion prop the rake up into the hole and balance a rat trap and rat poison on top of the rake, which was the hole where the rats were getting in. Well, then they just had a dead rat problem. See, nobody considers this factor. However, pictured is his second contraption in which he broke a soda bottle, sprinkled rat poison on it, shoved it all in the hole, yes, and waited for the rats. You make your own judgments.


Exhibit C: The Windshield Wiper. Shawn’s sister-in-law’s windshield wipers are bent, and so they’re sort of squeaking, and until they can afford to fix them, Shawn puts a sock over the blade so it does not scratch the windshield.