A Wise Man We’ve Missed

“In the dark times will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing. About the dark times.”
– Bertolt Brecht
Bertolt Brecht


Rarely A Good Thing

Rarely A Good Thing

This is my problem on a daily basis. On a minute-to-minute basis. It got my markers taken away today, in fact. But I would be so boring with a filter I almost cry at the thought.


Slow fast and fingertips we slip
We grip at last
At the rusty handlebars
There’s no love
Quite as eroded and rusty as ours
You go fast and I run ahead
We run faster and we meet
Very far
At the end
At the very end
It’s good to see you, my dearest friend
We were dreams of
All our past
Lovers long combined
Lovers long left behind
The thought gives
Your teeth a painful, sharp
Uneasy grind
Oh, how
They wish they could
See us all now
Look how
Far we’ve come, love.
I don’t think your 
Past lovers realized
All you really were inside
Was a heartbeat and a piece of meat
An ugly mass in the sweat-stained sheets
Lying intertwined
But yes, we left them far behind
I know they don’t know you’re nothing
Give me a chance now, he says
I’ll fix ya
If you want me to
We are heaven, regret, and Satan’s best 
Little asshole kids,
Oh, how he loves us
My Lord, how he loves us
How you love me
How I love you
How that was all we ever really needed, too.

Poem #1 (not really)

I don’t know when I wrote it, somewhere in the past year and maybe one of my friends can tell you, but I really wanted a place to put all my shit. That, and not get copyrighted. And I hate Tumblr. So here it goes. Feel free to jump in, join, have me post it (I’m trying to make this an open forum) but anyways, here goes nothing!

We’re convinced this is a

Sickness and there’s no cure

This is a madness and we keep on screaming

Like someone’s chasing but they’re just not

We’re both so paranoid like junkies coming off.

The sweat rolls down like tears

With all the made-up monsters coming near

We were so close, we were always so effing close

I’m only losing my mind in here