“A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.”



Oh, give me a fighting chance
Discriminate me indiscriminately
Worship me cautiously
And drop me when you
Realize I’m as ruthless as you
Support me blindly, don’t
Let go I can’t stand on my own.
Give me a fighting chance
At least
Love me for a monster
If you must
For the mere sake of addiction, princess
Love me for your own sake of selfishsupport
Tell me that you love me
Love me for a
At least I’m not the one lying
You can love me if only for the
Fact we are all lonely, and
No one knows how to deal with lonely
Just love me

Like You

Believe me or
-Some people don’t-
You know, I COULD
String us all back together
And hang it like holiday
If I absolutely wished
But nobody really did much around here
For me
The scenery never quite did it for me
I mean, did you
Ever see people begging
For encores of the War on Terror?
No, you fucking- you, just-
People like you

I Wanna Be A New Person

Who’s with me?

I mean, doesn’t anybody ever think about it sometimes? Don’t give me all that ‘my life is wonderful just the way it is’ crap. Being someone else has at one point to everyone seemed somewhat appealing. It’s not that we’re unhappy with our lives, but someone else has a different life. Someone has a harder life. Someone may have a harder life and maybe I’ll just do their job for a day so they can take off and be me, too. How ’bout that for impossibilities, since we’re on the subject? You’re best friend at one point has dated a significant other you’ve really had a crush on, be honest. Happens. It doesn’t mean you wanna cheat on your husband for a day or experience racism or to be racist of whatever the fuck but-

Some of us just aren’t that good at being who we are, frankly!!!!!