the biggest story of my life.


Alright, so, you know, here I am. I’m Serena. Publishing this shit takes money, so I got a blog! I vent a little bit (bipolaroid), rage a little bit more (comment-unfriendly), may laugh over stupid shit and notify people of dumb stuff I am actually doing in real life and you may ask yourself ‘could a person this blonde and retarded actually exist?’

Oh yeah. It gets real bad.

I also had a brain tumor, have, still have, will continue to have for all time, so do not be incredibly alarmed if I happen to drop off the face of lovely for short to not-so-short periods of time. They’re calling it a chronic tumor now- fancy terminology. If anybody ever wants to hear the story I actually kinda like telling it now, now that I’m older and can kinda grasp what it is (they’re just cells, nobody died :P)

I am such a loudmouth asshole, you will have to excuse me now. My mental state and high-school course load reflects this day-to-day, so bear with me.

Well, I write, read, sing, joke, strip (not really), et cetera. I enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners…….
Doesn’t everyone?

BTW, have a flexible sense of humor with political incorrectness, homosexuality, and the chronically ill.

Have a nice night without me, lucky you!


4 thoughts on “the biggest story of my life.

    • Hahaha, good for you. I’d switch career aspirations if cancer was what you were looking forward to. I can scare you straight. It’s back near my brain stem right now (it’s moved since my first occurrence), and hurts like a motherfucker. I don’t have skull in that whole region, so it’s very delicate. The type that I have is tricky, because I’m the third to ever be diagnosed (and the only one living). Plus I was on some weird experimental chemo and they don’t know when I’m supposed to grow wings or lay eggs or whatever the fuck. It’s made me hate doctors a little bit.

      But I’m gonna have it for the rest of my life, the way it’s wedged into my fourth ventricle. I’m supposed to have surgery again in February, hopefully AFTER my sixteenth birthday. This’ll be my third reoccurrence.

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