4 Walls, 0 Stars


These four walls
Are the palest
Of white
Everything’s spinning and quite
I’m so glad
Nights are only
So long


Heart Attacks & Backlash

I hope for everyone’s
It’s just a heart attack
I don’t get it-
I’m always doing right and
I’m always a good kid but
I wake up and it’s never tomorrow
It has to come eventually
I’m just asking be
My canary please
Stay with me
I hope for everyone’s
It’s a fatal heart attack

Ha, You’re Sad

Happiness is
Just your good
Punishment in disguise
Yep, I’m your ugly
Karma right now
Aren’t I?
I’m probably right how
Many times have you
Been so uncomprehendingly happy, been
In love or had a new job or had money,
And nobody knew what
To even do with being happy?
So everybody just lost everything because
They couldn’t get their bearings in time?
People just don’t know what
To do with 
That’s why there are starter marriages
And credit card maxes
And psychiatric wards
Been there
Be there
So people if you know
What’s good for
You stop being happy
It’s killing the rest of us
I’m personally on my way out
Be miserable if you have to
Keeping it clean and submitting
To your queen
Whatever he was meaning

Sick of Watching Pain

Even as old as I am
Entailing all the years left 
In my sentence
I'm sick of watching Pain
Written by the people
For the people 
On a loop 
Because I swear the angels that
Save also cause migraines
And every other side effect war wound 
We seem to suffer from
See, being alive is just as common a
Disease as
The plague