New CD Fearless Records Review

I’m highly debating pre-ordering the Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 2 album. If you’re not familiar, the Fearless records label has a website with all their signed artists on them. They created a lot of that Falling in Reverse, Bayside, et cetera kind of genre. Some of it was probably better left on YouTube, I will be the first to admit. I’m a personal Bayside fanatic.

But what they have done aside from their individual bands’ CDs is created compilations of covers, but all with a specific theme. And because the bands performing them are somewhat similar, they all come out as “Punk Goes Acoustic” or “Punk Goes 80’s” or “Punk Goes Pop” or the like.\

But what’s being announced is this Punk Goes 90’s 2. And I’m guessing the first one had pretty high ratings, or they wouldn’t be pursuing it. Like with the Punk Goes Pop collections, there are a series of five now because they were so popular and I guess this really is a good way to make extra cash for a lot of other people. And it seems like a good marketing strategy, too.

The songs themselves are pretty solid, even as good as the nineties gets, know what I mean (*cough* Rammstein *cough*). And it’s relatively inexpensive. $10. I won’t get it until April Fool’s Day, though. That said, they are a bunch of emo pop/punk bands performing them, and if anybody’s going to be super touchy about the dear desecration of your beloved Green Day, this ain’t up your alley. If any of the Fearless Records albums have ever taught us anything, that is.

There is always the option of buying a song individually, remember. And I highly recommend Pop Goes Punk Vol. 4 for the interested.


They Already Unwrapped My Presents, Man!


In case no one’s made note so far, I’m fairly certain whoever flips through the catalogues of potential Victoria Secret ‘angels’ for the new catalogues is not even trying this year. And this opinion is coming from pretty much their target audience nowadays. C’mon, everyone was thinking it, I’m just the only one man enough to say it.

But really- my mother subscribes, so I see everything firsthand in the mail, plus I go to see Branden in the mall and walk right by VS- anybody could get bad highlights, strip down to those skivvies, and there you go, teenage pornography! I mean, these women have no boobs this year! I could lean over fully clothed and do it better than them! It bothers me! Why are they having work done in all the wrong places?

My first thought was frankly, they shouldn’t be giving out no presents when they so less fortunate…….

I mean, what happened to old pin-ups, like fucking Marilyn, and Bettie Page, or, personally, I’m a loyal Bernie Dexter fan. But those girls were so cute! What happened to people liking unwrapping their presents themselves?!?!?! Now it’s all done for everybody and the mystery’s all gone, it’s a little less exciting. All I’m saying.

And those stupid VS models I swear promote domestic violence

Hunger Games Part 2- Catching Fire

Catching Fire poster

My dad was entitled to actively try and interact with his oldest daughter this week, so tonight he totally messed up and thought I really wanted to go see Catching Fire, that second Hunger Games movie. I mean, personally, at first glance it wouldn’t have been a movie I was interested in paying to go see, but I can’t really pass up free dinner and a movie.

I feel like everyone in the English-speaking world knows  the generalities of what goes on, so I won’t bother. I was kinda peer-pressured into reading the trilogy, just because I was in seventh grade and all the cool kids were doing it……

So, the graphics for the movie were good, for what they were working with. I mean, they had computer-generated monkeys (scary m*therf*ckers), and they were simulating tidal waves and lots of natural events like weather and lightning, which technologically I can respect are pretty hard to make decent-looking. Whoever made the water park needs a raise 😀

I think stemming just from reading the books, I did not like the casting. I mean, depending on who’s read it, you may or may not have an issue with this and/or the actors, but some of them just don’t work. I do not like the guy who plays the Peeta character, for instance. I like him as an actor, but he just didn’t fit the character description, in my opinion.

Sounds nitpicky, but parts of the dialogue bothered me, too. I don’t know, they just sounded really disjointed and kind of false. Like they wouldn’t come out of anybody’s mouth if nobody told them to say it. If someone can think of an adjective for that, let me know. Again, it might have been the actors’ deliverance, or gone back to the writers.

Seriously loved the costume design. They sounded really elaborate in all the books, so obviously that was a huge priority in the movies, but even background characters had crazy shit going on. The woman Effie had this dress covered in Monarchs, and I kinda wanted it for a second. Yeah, that’s kinda sad 🙂

Gravity- Clooney Style :D

So…..went to go see that Gravity movie tonight while my sis was at gymnastics……my buddy at the secondhand bookstore wasn’t working tonight so I went there instead!

First, George Clooney was in it. That just kinda makes it a good movie, period. I seriously think he’s genetically wired to look better with age. Or he has the world’s best plastic surgeon. Looks good grey, you know? I mean, I like Sandra Bullock, she has nice legs, but she’s too skinny for my personal taste really. She did look good with short hair though…..

To the actual point, it was a pretty cool movie, for a space movie. And they’re pretty few and far between nowadays. Looked better in 3-D (yes, I saw both, I had that much time to kill). The graphics were really good, I came in thinking the would look kinda cheesy, because they normally would for this kind of movie, but the whole pictures of earth and the space shuttles and it all actually did look pretty legit. Like, it didn’t look all computer cut-and-pasted like in Star Wars movies (don’t bash me for bashing SW).

One thing- if you’re kinda nit-picky about details, especially if you actually know a thing or two about space. The movie is kinda Hollyweird to the point where if you’re like me and you know a little bit too much about everything then it’s kind of a spoiler. You start to look at what could be impossible, what is crap, what’s stupid, etc. (trying not to give it away)…….

Worth it. 4 out of 5.