On this day in history….

January 4th to be clear, the earth and moon were recorded to be the smallest distance apart in the century (1912- the 20th century).

I sincerely hope no one’s life will ever be so boring that this fact will be of any interest. Yes, I have no life. Yes, I can’t wait to go back to school.


You Don’t Understand

I have been trapped in my house. There is only four stupid inches of snow on the ground here. School has been closed all week, and I’ve officially run out of stuff to do. I was actually so bored I cleaned my house, can anyone believe it?

I mean, I’m out of homework, it’s too icy to go outside, I finished knitting my sweater, FML!


Hey, Funny Story!

So- funny story, kiddies,

I was checking out my Stats button on my own blog, and I’m genuinely convinced someone Googled a porno and found an article on my blog instead. Just happenstance. But Oh my God, I saw it and I died for just a minute.

Things to make your day brighter. Always remember, you could be me, housing porn addicts.

Have a nice day!


Record This #3

Welcome Intertsate Managers

So…..another downside of missing a large portion of your skull is one has never done gym in school. Like, my entire school career. Little sad. But by high school we had to get creative, because the county people were being total asses and wouldn’t let me pick up an extra course and drop gym. Which is dumb. So I sit in the gym on my iPod, sometimes with a book, or they give me odd jobs to do while everybody else does the real shit.

Theoretically, I could do everything. If everyone else wasn’t there. So I know all the points of softball/football/basketball/ANYTHING, but I can never play. And I do have a pretty mean pitch, but I can’t pitch. Again, dumb shit.

Point being, my grades are comprised of three things: dressing in my uniform (never gets dirty since I don’t do SHIT), written assessments (not like I run out of time to study), and I make mix CDs. They play them while everybody runs for 20 min. @ the beginning of every class. Wrestling coach gets a few. I sent one or two to the middle school, because the coach used to be my coach and she absolutely hates rap.

I think they like that I don’t take requests. I’m just mentioning this now because nobody found out I’ve been doing this up until this previous Friday, when somebody looked on my iPod and connected the dots that I’m probably the only one in the school with “Stacy’s Mom” on their portable music device. And yes, I do have it going on.

Poem #1 (not really)

I don’t know when I wrote it, somewhere in the past year and maybe one of my friends can tell you, but I really wanted a place to put all my shit. That, and not get copyrighted. And I hate Tumblr. So here it goes. Feel free to jump in, join, have me post it (I’m trying to make this an open forum) but anyways, here goes nothing!

We’re convinced this is a

Sickness and there’s no cure

This is a madness and we keep on screaming

Like someone’s chasing but they’re just not

We’re both so paranoid like junkies coming off.

The sweat rolls down like tears

With all the made-up monsters coming near

We were so close, we were always so effing close

I’m only losing my mind in here