Pin-Up Wednesdays!



Netflix Program Guide

I watch TV like it’s my job. The creation of Netflix for me was like the Second Coming. So naturally, I know what you should be watching, procrastinators. Like me, put off your work/homework/ chores/child care until 4 hours from now and listen.

1) Orange is the New Black (new season coming soon!)

2) Chris D’Elia: Incorrigible

3) Friends (every episode-twice)

4) The Office (every episode- once)

5) Dexter (duh.)

6) TED Talks: Sex, Secrets, and Love

7) Criminal Minds (!!!!!!)

8) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

9) A Long Way Down

10) It’s Such A Beautiful Day

Pin-Up Wednesdays!

  I think what upsets me is that she looks cute when this happens, but for me, it’s totally an accident, I’m with the wrong people, and usually wearing the wrong underwear.

Really? Are those scars really that cool?


I’m in a tough spot with my scars. Now that the newest wave of body-positive mantras has brought it to our attention that scars are ‘unique,’ ‘unique’ is pretty much the last word I would use to describe mine. The problem with society having this mental set that we all have individual beauty is that no one can openly say what we cannot stand about ourselves in the most vain and superficial way possible- I am not allowed to say that I HATE my scars.

I respect everyone’s right to think what they want, and accept themselves for who they are, but the scars all over my body aren’t pretty. Scars are not sexy. They are flaws, and I’m tired of defending myself that I don’t like the flaws on my body. No one does.

All I want everyone to know that preaches this kind of backwoods self-acceptance is I want you to have one. Then tell me how sexy it is, and how you love telling people how you got them, and that every guy you’ve ever met definitely thinks they are a total turn-on. 

Exactly, you can’t do it.