Searching for ‘the one’: Can Mathematics be Used to Find Love?

The book mentioned here, The Mathematics of Love, is such an interesting book. It really takes all the romantic BS we normally get out of our culture and describes, in numbers, the predictability of finding a partner.
Which is weird, considering most of us don’t think it will ever happen. Present company included.

Rishi Kowalski

From investing and business management to weather forecasts, mathematics has a huge number of applications and uses. Surprising no one, these applications may actually extend to the matters of the heart.

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This is the premise behind Hannah Fry’s TED talk in 2014 and now her newly released book, “The Mathematics of Love.” A mathematician at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in London, Fry discussed that mathematics, as it is about studying patterns, can essentially be used to interpret love, an aspect of life that is full of patterns.

One example she gave was how mathematics can give a signal to a person when is the right time to settle down. From patterns and statistics, she deduced that it is best to exclude everybody who someone dated in the first 37 percent of his…

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