And yeah, I’m being the white girl on a Tumblr-ish blog bragging about her tattoo symbolizing her healing phase from trauma. Suck it. But while it happened, you know, I couldn’t see it was trauma, and now I feel this PTSD rebound and I’m suddenly catching up with my new life. I’m different. I want to be a different person.

I want this to cover such an ugly scar- even in a fairly private place on my body that I don’t go around flashing or anything- because I want to start fresh. I just want to come out of this with a beautiful thing instead of an ugly thing, because I will have more ugly things in the future. And I don’t know what I’m going to do then, but everything will come one day at a time, thankfully.

XJ Kennedy wrote a poem called “The Purpose of Time is to Prevent Everything From Happening At Once.” 

That’s all I needed to hear.


No I AM Getting a Tattoo; This is it.

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