Handy(wo)man Adventures In Lorton

My dad won’t be dropping in on us until next Saturday, and my toilet started running on Tuesday. Fucking annoying, and I didn’t want to call a plumber because I knew in my heart of hearts that it was either the plumber or MY homecoming dress!

So, what do I do? Last week, my Geosystems teacher had been talking to me about some elctrical work he was doing on his house, so I figured he knew, if anyone, how to fix this (and more beside the point, we’ve kind of burned our bridges with all my previous free labor).

In class yesterday I asked him what to do if the toilet won’t stop running and filling back up with water. And I love him and the TA now, because they wrote out a list for me during study hall of all the things to check for, and what I’d need myself to fix it. Better yet, I wouldn’t need to call a plumber for generally anything, they said.

On one sexist note, sometimes it’s just good to have a bunch of men in your life. ‘Cuz I knew nothing about nothing.

So when I got home, I didn’t even have to go through everything they pointed out. The float had been busted kinda and got waterlogged, so when Kathleen got home she took me to get it replaced, and now my toilet works again. I tested it.

I’m so cool. I can do anything.