Why Dad’s a Piece of Crap

Hold your judgment until the end.

1) There’s the biggest gap in what he is and what he thinks he is. Now, I understand that we as outsiders (loved ones, whatever) also perceive him as whatever we want him to, but hhe just deifies himself all time. My dad can’t be wrong.. I try not to hold it against him, but I’m not going to work around his ego for the rest of his life.

2) He’s unfathomably bitter. He just harbors anger at people. It’s like every time someone even cuts him off in traffic he keeps a list and takes it out at home. It makes me not want to answer his phone calls and not want to come see him ( which unfortunately I’m here now). I get that my father went through a really shitty divorce, and divorce sucks, and my mom was and still is really awful to him, but it’s nobody else’s fault and he needs to find some kind of goddamn coping skill pretty soon. I’m not tolerating his BS forever.

3) He’s such a horrible drunk. I don’t meet many drunks this bad, and most of my friends are drinking age. He’s just ugly. Are we that bad that he can’t be sober for one second around us, then he can’t remember anything significant afterwards, and on top of it he’s still just as bitter and rude and mean? We’re not awful kids, I don’t see why we have to put up with it.

4) He’s so passive-aggressive. And in this really odd way where he’ll just casually mention what he’s mad about, like mom not driving me to the airport herself or me not calling (which wasn’t my fault, my SIM card was busted), and no one ever wants to continue talking about the subject because we want too continue having a nice day, so everyone in the car gets to just smolder over him being childish, and he acts like it doesn’t bother him after that.

5) It’s always up to him. we are doing what he wants today, we are eating what he wants, and we are spending X amount of money and he is going to complain about it incessantly until the end of time, no questions asked. If he always wanted to be this selfish, he shouldn’t have friends, he shouldn’t see us once a month, and he should’ve never gotten married. I still swear they should’ve never had us if they could’ve avoided it.

Fertile morons.


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