When People That Suck Are Smart

It’s actually quite a bummer of a story.

See, for about two weeks now my mom and I have been debating whether we should go to my grandmother’s (2nd?) memorial up in upstate NY, because all the family that couldn’t go to the last one are coming to this one, and that’s when they’ll be burying her ashes in the family plot.

So, we’ve all been back and forth about this for a while, because 1) It is a long-ass drive. Long and horrible. And I still don’t have my permit, which means I can’t help.

2) We’d only be going for > 24 hours. Literally, we’d get there in time to see everyone, see the service, and then have to drive back up again. The reason for this is we’d be leaving Friday night, or leave very early Saturday morning (the service is that evening), then have to pack up and leave Sunday because I have to catch a flight to St. Louis for my cancer camp on Monday. Luckily I’m packed for that, so I can pick up my suitcase and go the next morning.

3) I might not see very many of these people for a very long time. Either that, or they will die before doing so. See, there’s a huge generation gap with all the relatives up north, and there is a small crowd just becoming legal to drink, and then everyone else is 70+ and dying of lung cancer. I am not kidding. So I really think getting in the time now would be good.

Actually, I might go get my permit today after physical therapy if I have time.

Grandma & I


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