Well, taking in the new WordPress changes. I think this is going to take some getting used to.

Well, I’m rather pleased with the outcomes of my surgery. My balance seems to be quite shit, but I didn’t have high hopes for that going in. My eyesight is doing spectacular, my nystagmus seems to have completely cleared and I can see better than ever, I have an appointment with my eye doctor next week to check. I am also keeping my note for the DMV just in case, or if for some reason they go back to twitching when I’m tired and a cop notices, et cetera. Then again, there’s no cops in the greater Lorton area. Oh well. But I almost have to get a walker. I’m walking all over the place, and into people, it’s so awful. People are holding my hands so I keep on track.

But my scar is healing well, and I’m getting less self-conscious about it. I saw this boy from school the other day, and he never pointed out the twenty stitches in my neck, so I calmed down a lot after that.

And I think the new guy at the Workhouse is seriously getting his flirt on with me. Hot damn, that boy is fine. Kathleen said he asked about me a lot while I was in the hospital.


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