See, it really is a good system, right? Everyone who wants to can just blow right through this without bothering.

I’m visiting with my dad (and I’ve kinda already had a big enough dose already, but I’m here ’til Sunday), and he wants to go get these red Sperry’s he saw the last time he was in town, so we’re gonna try that after we drop Stella off at gym.

It was really the sweetest thing this morning- I woke up and my aunt and uncle (who I’ve always been pretty sure really couldn’t have kids, not just chose not to), left to take their dogs out, and when they did, my uncle left me coffee in the pot (still hot!) and this little note that they’d cook breakfast when they got back. It really is the little things, you know?

Oh, and my sister went down to the radiology clinic in DC that I go to for her knee (something got messed up a few weeks ago), and my ten-year-old sister has freaking bursitis- you’re not supposed to get that ’till you’re like 60! Ha!


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