I’m making- for organizational purposes- posts about my day, my life, et cetera dated (as above) so if any readers aren’t concerned with reliving some white chick’s high school years, the differentiation is done for them.

Proceeding onward-

In the past few days, I have had such an obnoxiously horrible headache that I’ve barely thought straight, much less been able to converse with those not used to my (sort of) charming ways.

Second, Kathleen and I went to go play the penis game in town the other day, and we went into this place to get coffee. So, we were still playing in the shop, and the guy who called up my coffee order wrote on the side of my cardboard cup holder “DICK”. Fun times.

And my dad’s birthday is coming up, so I got him a copy of Ovid’s Art of Love (in English), because he’s thinking of starting dating again. He did this really asshole thing- he set up an eHarmony account, and in the description section, he copy and pasted from Wikipedia a synopsis of the Bible. 2 hits. He’ll be here this afternoon.

Oh, and lovely as always, the lovely Sex Education class is back in season, and today we went over teen pregnancy and STIs. No pictures, thank God. Now, how in-depth they really get on the 3 types of abortion can really scare you straight (or quite the opposite). I wasn’t sure if everyone was so uncomfortable because it was gross (which it wasn’t really), or it was too close to home.


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