Newly kinda stressing out.

I thought it be kind of a good idea to get my name tacked on a few things at school before the end of the year, pending how much I’ll be present come fall, so my English teacher recommended NEHS. She even said if I applied, she’d definitely get me in, because she runs it, so that part works out.

I did not think this application would be so stressful. I am looking this thing in the face and am full-fledged intimidated. It hurts. I mean, they want my grades (which in English are great), and they want what I do after school (which is jack), and all sorts of crap. I mean, she may have said she’d let me in, but other people are going to look at this application, I’m positive.

And then there’s this thing where I have to submit a sample piece. Something short. Like the flash-fiction or a poem or anything. BUT I DON’T KNOW WHICH ONE! It’s so stressful. Blah.

I can’t handle pressure, if it isn’t obvious. If anybody can think of a piece I should submit that I’ve published here, I would love you if you let me know.


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