Okay, so here it goes. I officially feel like a bad person.

I got these movie tickets for my birthday, so I took Kathleen and Bubba out to a movie and dinner. Well, the movie seriously sucked, but I kinda just wanted to see it just as a LAtin student. It was that Pompeii movie. Completely historically inaccurate, BTW.

So here’s where I’m kind of a sucky person now. Bubba’s….well, I wanna say a really anxious person, and when we were at dinner of course I completely forgot about this. Completely.

Right after we ordered I got out my phone and was like, “HOLY CRAP I HAVE TO SHOW YOU MY TUMOR PICTURE!” And I broke BUbba. I have not seen a grown man be that emo so concentratedly ever in my life. Ouch. I felt really bad afterwards when KAthleen and I were driving home, and I was telling her all about it, and she kinda told me not to worry about it. He’s just worried about me

But now I just feel like an insensitive ass.


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