You Should Donate Your Hair

I donated my hair, too, in prep for my surgery.

Don’t just think I’m jumping to some mad conclusions.

Well, because odds are very good that at the very, very least one doc is gonna have to hack into the wild back there to get at my brain, and I figured on my way out the door that it should probably look good beforehand. Good impressions and all that.

14 inches total in back (some parts shorter with previous shavings and layers) plus 7 inches taken from front so I have a little; not totally bald. I didn’t realize my roots were this blonde.

The thing I’m really excited about is I’m friends with less of my friends from school on Facebook than the tumor people/older friends, so pretty much no one I regularly see even knows I lack hair yet. But there are pictures of me physically holding my hair.

I found out, if anyone was just inspired, that the ever-so-popular Locks-of-Love is always open, but they require a minimum 10″, whereas Pantene shampoo and some other charities accept even a lot shorter lengths. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know?

This is gonna rock.


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