Well, The DMV Is Stupid

My dad came into town this weekend (he was supposed to come in for my birthday last weekend but got held up with work), and my mom said, “well, it’s your responsibility to take her to get her damn permit!”

Actually, it’s not, but I’m just gonna pick my battles with that one.

Anyway, our DMV, which is actually pretty close to us now, is open on Saturdays, too, but not Sundays. And only open for four hours. Which means if they don’t have time to get ot you, you have to wait until Monday. Since this tragedy has happened to my father, he got me up at 7 to wait in line right outside the DMV until it opened, and we were only about the sixth group to get there. And of course this is about the season where every sophomore in the county is getting their permits, so we were lucky.

However…….I nearly failed my vision test in one eye, which was dead-ass scary to begin with. The lady testing me, who was very sweet and also knew my dad vaguely, really put it down to nerves (I had my crack head shake going on) and let me take it one more time, but she practically gave me the answers. Either way, I need to go to my doctor and probably get that note that I’m not blind, just fucked up. I always thought I wouldn’t need it, but I really do now.

Then we got to that damn test finally, and once I actually sat down to take it I kind of chilled out. With us (I’m not sure what the requirements are in other states or countries), there is a signs test and a general knowledge. 100% on the signs, 80% on the general knowledge.

I missed one question on the general knowledge test. One more and I’d have my permit. Now I have to wait fifteen more days to try again. Fifteen more days to study. And they don’t even ask real general knowledge, they ask really obscure knowledge. It was stupid.

Did you know you’re actually NOT supposed to pull over if an emergency services vehicles or a police car is flashing its lights? Apparently not. I mean, I guess this is factoring in that the car is not using its sirens. But no one ever uses that rule. And can’t you get fined for that?

As long as I pass it before Hannah (my best friend). If I can pass it before her, then I’m in good shape.


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