LEGO Was The Best!

You think I’m kidding on some level. I’m not. This is highly competing with Psycho and ET and all my other favorites so far.

DISCLAIMER: If you have not seen this movie and do not wish to know all the spoilers, simply click ‘Like’ and do not read further. I wouldn’t want to unnecessarily ruin the experience for you.

Now that that’s out of the way, everyone has to go see this movie. I mean, all ages, male or female or transvestite or deaf- whatever. It’s got everything. Like a lot of these modern kids movies, writers anticipate that adults (i.e. parents) will have to be watching them, too, wo they might as well be enjoyable. Well, this guy went into this unbeleivable detail in this film, in terms of theme and character development. It was actually quite impressive. I actually thought for a while that maybe it really was intended to be a metaphoric adult film, simply dumbed down in order to reach that broader spectrum of an audience.

So to begin with there’s this gigantic world of a utopian-turned-dystopian society, where in theory all these citizens have jobs and do what they’re supposed to every second and everything is nice and orderly (reminded me much of The Giver, if anyone’s familiar). There’s still this little bit of individuality, however, which essentially drives the story.

Running this tyrannical government is an even more tyrannical president, stripping everyone of individuality and forcing them into conformity. This character even blatantly states that all who refuse to conform to laws by this all-central “Tako Tuesday” will be dissolved. Literally. Again, very reminiscent of the kind of Giver and Brave New World type of stories, if I’m not the only one jumping to conclusions like this.

One of the most blatant statements the writer made about an over-controlling society just made me laugh out loud. I really did laugh. There is a gigantic robot run by the corrupt police of this dystopia actually called the Micromanager. And guess what he does? Micromanages. He forces citizens to conform against their will, or freezes them to the ground (this comes into play later in the story, but I won’t give away everything).

And then of course we have our typical love interests. The hero chasing after the pretty, uninterested girl, as always. This wouldn’t be a movie without it. It’s entertaining.

Even more, the, goes on when theses ‘rebels’ are discovered by the main character, Emmet, who are all convinced Emmet is the only one who can save their home from this evil leader.

One of the biggest things I found fascinating was this constant commentary on one particular character, Good Cop/Bad Cop, whose name kind of speaks for himself. There’s a lot of this back and forth struggle between him and the government itself, that at first he tried to work for the president because he thought it was better for everyone, and now that the gov’t is taking over everything and destroying it all, he tries to put it all back but it’s a little too late. If anyone sees it for themselves, this little character does a lot, and speaks on a lot of different levels.

Oh, and Morgan Freeman plays a black Jesus. The world hath known justice.


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