Live Like This

I am going to be lost.
I am going to be pennies dropped
From pockets jumping turnstiles
We are time jumping turnstiles, don’t you see?
I am going to be so lost.
I am going to be an old hat not worn
Since I guess last winter
Left at an old lover’s
And I suppose now a gift
To that same old lover
A parting gift, a consolation for the
Love of your life of sorts
I am ready and determined to be lost.
I’ll be old, unused CDs
Dank and growing moldy
From mistreatment during Moving Day
And I want no one to miss me, got it, missy?
I better be lost in the morning.
I better be gone in the morning and replaced
With 2.0, with something shinier for the youngest to play with-
That’s what everybody else does nowadays, anyway.
And then plot twist, I’ll be found.
Found change on the sidewalk
In a vending machine.
I bet I could still be found
In the bottom drawer of the dusty bedside table
Underneath love letters and fantastic testaments of devotion
And we’ll all be whole again
And then I’m going to be found, finally
Like your favorite music on the worst day of your life
Like people actually live like this, yes
Yes, people actually live like this


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