Hate Having Empathy?

Not alone. It’s a bitch.

Full disclosure, trying to word this so it’s pretty anonymous here, but broke my heart a little bit-

I have this really good friend on Facebook that’s gone through a lot of the same medical issues I have, so I really empathize with her. She’s got this great attitude about everything and she’s awesome to get along with. But the thing is, she’s one of the first people I’ve really seen up close and personal who’s honestly poor.

And not quite welfare poor, just enough that nobody helps her and the people that live with her. And she’s on disability and is mostly in a wheelchair. Needs her own ASPCA commercial.

So…..she was on Facebook (of course I was on, I don’t have a life), and she was said in one single sentence that her grandmother was crying because they didn’t have enough money for dinner. Not even trying to beg or whine, just one little bitchy sentence. And I was kinda like, ‘been there, bro,”…..but I’ve never been there, let’s be serious.

And I think I really want to send them the rest of my birthday money. And that’s not even an overreaction for me, usually; I just react. I am an empathizer. I can’t handle that shit. I give away everything I have to homeless people, I over-tip, everything. Even if I don’t know what it’s ilk to be in someone’s shoes, I don’t wanna know. Just don’t.

Stamps out of state can’t cost that much. Watch me do something about this and seriously regret it later because I don’t have any money.