Free Hugs- Sort Of?

So, I’m kind of not sure how this happened, and I’m really debating on how I feel about it.

Back story: I make a lot of these little FREE HUG coupons and hand them out usually on Valentine’s Day, and I handed a lot out the day before we left school for holiday break.

Immediate problem: I was in study hall, minding my own business, watching a movie, when this guy in my class comes up and hands my back this really wrinkled-up one and asks to ‘redeem’ it. The thing is- I KNOW I didn’t give one to him. I’m just slightly concerned where he got it, moreover how. Do you ask somebody? Ask around for them? WTF? I’m so lost. I mean, I, I kinda knew him, he asked what I was watching, and that was about it, but I’m still debating how I feel about this………..


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