This Is A New Low

Sometimes the shit people talk about on the internet drives me fucking insane. I mean, wow, I know I bitch and moan, but you maybe need to keep all your personal biz to yourself?


It’s like- I’m really a person who has a lot of empathy for people. I do. I can very easily put myself in someone else’s shoes. I’m fine knowing other people’s business, but I don’t need to find out that you now know who the father of your third child is, that the woman I babysit pulls shifts at Hooter’s so she can CERTAINLY afford to pay me, or for that matter, what team people are playing on. That just ain’t public business.

I think that’s the force behind why I canceled my texting. If it’s so important, I want to hear you say it. Or find me and say it. Or if you don’t even know me, I probably don’t even care! Deal? Well, that and my ex broke up with me over text. Fucking cop out. Texting is a cop out. People use technology as a cop out way too often.

On the bright side, this sweet little cashier at Target paid for my $6 bottle of hair gel. Debating if that was a move, like ‘come back soon!’ or ‘you really need this whether you an afford it or not, sweetie.’

I mean, he did look a little fabulous…..


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