Clothing Optional

Has anyone ever knitted a whole bunch of really long projects, then just ended up with tiny balls (hehe) in weird colors you don’t know what to do with??? Okay, right, so for argument’s sake let’s say this is not an uncommon occurrence.

I had leftovers from a sweater I made a week ago, so I was all like, ‘I have enough to make a scarf, too. That’s a good use of my time. It’ll look so cool.” Not really the case. I finished it last night, and it looks like the weirdest hipster mess in the world, and suddenly my dad comes in asking if he can have it. My 60-something, Tommy Bahama pops. And I think moreover, the thing that bothers me the most is it’s one of those wrap scarves, and he keeps wearing it wrong just to piss me off.

This is my family. Dear God, give me strength…….


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