How is it going to happen?
Are we going to know it or
Will it hit everybody right in
The soft spot at the most inconvenient moment?
Sitting in a desk or lying asleep or
Feeding your neighbor’s cat
I feel like that’s when it always comes.

And then there are those insane people
The ones that go looking for it, the loons
We should lock them up and cut off all functioning
Parts before anything bad
Happens, I sometimes think.

But, you know, anyone
Who knows will just tell you
It’s a part of the life
And You learn from it
And it comes slow but
Leaves fast, thank God
If you’re not too tied up in it
To begin

And whether anyone likes it or not,
If you’re not in it then you’re waiting
For it
But you remember everyone saying what happens?
And that it’s a part of life?
And that it could just pass too if you’re lucky?


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