New Year's Resolution

Yes, I realize I am completely contradicting myself in this entire rant/clearly well-thought out point, but bear with me and I will go away.

See, a couple weeks ago my mom said come this new year (2014), this are gonna change, and we are gonna be better people.

And I just thought, well what the fuck?

I mean, think. January 1st is one day. Not really too special. Yes, it happens one day out of the year, in fact each day will never ever happen again, but guess fucking what? THAT IS THE SAME WITH EVERY OTHER MOTHERFUCKING DAY! And you know, now that I think about it really, I think she said that just the morning after my grandmother passed. But you know, she’s one woman sometimes I have a real hard time having sympathy for. She throws her own pity parties, and they’ve never very well been my thing.

But to my point, why are we wasting time? I mean, people are waiting for one insignificant day for things as small buying a new CD. If you want the CD I suggest you buy it, if you want the bacon I suggest you eat it, if you want the love of your life I suggest you cough up your corniest pick-up lines ever (I can certainly help you out there) and give it your best shot. What is the point in worshipping this one day of the year and pretending like we’re already in the casket the other 364?

Like I will tell everyone and anyone, do something, you are not getting out alive.


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