This Is Just Sad Now


I don’t think the point is getting across to everyone that we are all going to die.

If we are incredible fortunate. we won’t know it until it happens or two seconds before the fact. I can deal with that.

But a lot of people need to truly cope with the notion that life ends. All life. Their mother’s, Morgan Freeman’s, Hitler’s, their very own life in fact is quite fragile. I could come to school, knock somebody on the pavement as hard as I could, they could develop blood clot and die in a week. And it’s that simple.

Would someone just tolerate that we are all stuck with each other for the 60-80 years you are expected to live, give or take, we may as well be nice to each other. We may as well live decent lives. Kiss girls and boys. Kiss both in the same day, for all I care. Get your dream job and quit it three days later because it’s not living up to your expectations. Why aren’t’ people living lives anymore, goddamnit? Take a few hours and learn to fix all the parts on your car, then you can be the superhero that pulls over to fix a teenage girl’s flat any given Sunday.

Does earning your keep have more of a ring to it?

I mean, we don’t have to live in a probleml-ess utopian society. I’d get quite bored, personally. But a little empathy would e nice. A little pride and accomplishment.

Could the world just have some more personality again?


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