Pretty Colors!

So, I think I alreay mentioned I’m now being suckered into coughing up the cash for double hearing aids within the next six months? Yes, no, maybe so?

Anyways, found out the coolest thing!

I went to the specialist lady at the clinic place where I GOT TO PRACTICE RIVING WITH MY NEW PERMIT an I found out that..drumroll……hearing aids can actually come in different colors for the type I’m getting!

Okay, perhaps that info is not quite as interesting to everyone else as it was for me. But I find it thrilling. I sent picture to every contact on my phone, and the tallies as follows (I needed input as I’m that slightly colorblind as aforementioned)…..

Teal-ish: 3 and a half
Pink: 2, but I don’t like it
Green camo: 4

I still have time


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