Hunger Games Part 2- Catching Fire

Catching Fire poster

My dad was entitled to actively try and interact with his oldest daughter this week, so tonight he totally messed up and thought I really wanted to go see Catching Fire, that second Hunger Games movie. I mean, personally, at first glance it wouldn’t have been a movie I was interested in paying to go see, but I can’t really pass up free dinner and a movie.

I feel like everyone in the English-speaking world knows  the generalities of what goes on, so I won’t bother. I was kinda peer-pressured into reading the trilogy, just because I was in seventh grade and all the cool kids were doing it……

So, the graphics for the movie were good, for what they were working with. I mean, they had computer-generated monkeys (scary m*therf*ckers), and they were simulating tidal waves and lots of natural events like weather and lightning, which technologically I can respect are pretty hard to make decent-looking. Whoever made the water park needs a raise 😀

I think stemming just from reading the books, I did not like the casting. I mean, depending on who’s read it, you may or may not have an issue with this and/or the actors, but some of them just don’t work. I do not like the guy who plays the Peeta character, for instance. I like him as an actor, but he just didn’t fit the character description, in my opinion.

Sounds nitpicky, but parts of the dialogue bothered me, too. I don’t know, they just sounded really disjointed and kind of false. Like they wouldn’t come out of anybody’s mouth if nobody told them to say it. If someone can think of an adjective for that, let me know. Again, it might have been the actors’ deliverance, or gone back to the writers.

Seriously loved the costume design. They sounded really elaborate in all the books, so obviously that was a huge priority in the movies, but even background characters had crazy shit going on. The woman Effie had this dress covered in Monarchs, and I kinda wanted it for a second. Yeah, that’s kinda sad 🙂


Find Your Own Sink


See, I knew immediately that I would never be able to do dishes ever again had this ever happened to me, I’m that allergic, but this still kind of made my day.