Insurance coverage

Just got the paperwork in the mail that I am NOT ‘legally blind’ by the standards of the DMV (I wasn’t before), but my eye doctor took his sweet goddamn time filling out the paperwork for it, and I technically coulda gotten my permit three months ago. Plus I’m still waiting on my birth certificate BS (mine got lost when our basement flooded), and for the handicap sticker my stupid oncology clinic is making me get. I only had it under my dad’s name because I was going through treatment, frankly, I don’t want a personal one, but they keep telling me I’ll want it one of these days. And given my history, it isn’t like the DMV wouldn’t validate it.

Plus, recently found out I’m labeled INELIGIBLE to be an organ donor! I mean, I know some people turn it down because it makes them uncomfortable, but now I’m kinda bummed just ‘cuz I can’t. I was talking to my Onc team, and given all the radiation and chemo and whatnot, they don’t know what organs are medium-rare by now and what aren’t, so we are going to stick with keeping those to myself. It’s better than trying to donate them and having them cause further damage to someone else, I suppose. They said, however, that if it were something like my sister needed a kidney, then she could have mine potentially, but to keep it in the family. Keep the radiation in the family. A family that cooks together stays together 😉

Oddly enough they still want me to be a blood donor. I mean, it makes sense, I’m O+. I was donating when I was little right before surgeries, just in case things went south. Something about how they process donations before they’re distributed, and how new bodies accept them, makes it safer. That and I don’t have AIDS.


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