Day 1 of Possible Brain Malfunction

I came home today from school with sever migraines and my balance and coordination so poor my Chem teacher made someone walk me to the elevator……I’m slightly afraid my excess plumbing in my brain is failing. VP shunt. Anyone with a brain tumor has one. Google it. This would be terrible, because a) it hasn’t failed in over four years and I’m trying so hard to stay out of the hospital (AP history and all, ya know), and b) my lines and tubes and crap are very close to my tumor site. Very bad. Things could go south. So I didn’t do anything tonight and had a friend stay with me, and legitimately can’t get out of bed. I hate my life a little bit right now. If things are worse tomorrow I promise I’ll man up and have my mom take me to the ER. My surgeon won’t be thrilled to see me on a Saturday. Waiting.

Day one, kiddos. Stay tuned.


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