It’s Not A Bad Day, Just A Bad Thought

You see the car crash on TV,

And you still don’t believe that they’re gone.

The one who calls you darling and the one that you ran from-

But the truth and the hard part is

There’s nothing left to run from.

And that there’s no effing other ones

So you’re crying now, in the corner,

And you tremble so

Hard to think of home.

Love, I think I

Feel the same


I don’t miss my father and my sister’s gone-

What the fuck am I going home to?

So where else do we go when we finish or forget?

I hold the letters in my shaking hands and the shaking words in my

Spinning head-

I can’t believe some people live like this

It’s a little bit frustrating

Thinking you’re nothing to me

And we’re nothing but blackness


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