Drownnig in Adorable


So one of my bestest friends in the world, I introduce him as my brother to new people, Bubba, did one of the most possible adorable things ever last night.

So first, he, like many others who tolerate me, doesn’t have any obligation to tolerate me. He is my old roommate Kathleen’s (my designated surrogate mom) nephew, and I’ve really known them all since I was in diapers. Bubba still has a picture of him holding me- fucking adorable, right?

So he heard from Kathleen that everybody broke up with me (the girl is his cousin, too) and he got super pissed off. So he called last night and was like, “Fuck Hannah, I’ll be your date.” He’s twenty-one and I know doesn’t want to go to a high school dance. But that was about the most adorable thing he’s ever said to me.

I mean, it ended up he couldn’t go, because the school gets nervous if you can legally buy beer, but gotta love that boy.

See, this is also the guy that, after my first date stood me up, he took me out for dinner and that movie we were gonna go see. He was only there ‘cuz he was gonna chaperone anyway, but yeah……

Most people want to marry men like their fathers. I can only hope to marry a guy like him.


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