Maggie Says I’m Innocent

I’m no good at this
Poetry is hit or miss
Good things come to the blessed
Maggie always swears I’m innocent
Never counted sheep
So I never went to sleep
I spent my nights a creep
The world’s a lonely place to sleep
When she’s praying even, 
Maggie tells her Lord I’m innocent
This is something new to me
Her future’s far as the eye can see
And yet she chose to run with me
Never looked back
And I ain’t never seen jack
‘Cuz it’s really all up to her and me
Because Maggie tells everybody I’m innocent!
I’ve been on the run and
It’s never been too much fun
Stop this madness for ‘while
Just stop; you just keep screaming like some child
And I don’t think I really care
In Maggie’s eyes
I’ll always be innocent

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