Prostitutes pay price for more girls putting out

Sexy Science

The economic recession is hitting prostitutes in England particularly hard. Prices are going down as the market is saturated by more girls willing to do more for less, according to The Economist. However, the second oldest profession may stay in economic free fall indefinitely, at least in developed countries where single, straight, college-educated women outnumber men. Sociologist Mark Regenerus says the shortage of men allows men to dictate the terms of the relationship. Hooking up is in, dating is out. And sex (especially risky sex) is to be expected early on if you want to see that guy again.

ImageGeneration X and Y’ers are the ones caught between traditional dating norms (kiss on the third date, sex only in a serious relationship or after marriage) and ground reality (no sex on first date means no shot at second date). We’re trying to figure things out even…

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